Banking & Financial Institutions
Retail & Business Banking

Company Profile

  • Mid-sized regional bank
  • Located in Germany
  • Smaller player in local duopoly market

Situation and Objectives

  • Changes in regulation greatly decreased profitability of credit lines on current accounts for businesses, while simultaneously increasing the cost of providing these credit lines
  • The bank planned to introduce a new price point to stabilize profits and provide incentives for customers to expand and intensify their credit line usage
  • Objectives: Improve sales force’s ability to sell credit lines in view of the new price point and prevent customers from shifting business away


  • Analyzed the bank’s competitive advantages, its current offering, and the detailed product usage of credit lines
  • Developed a differentiated price table as a basis for value argumentation
  • Agreed with management on the new sales approach and discussed the necessary sales support processes
  • Anticipated customers’ argumentation using digital idea generation techniques with the sales force
  • Created various sales support materials (e.g. benefit argumentation, FAQs, and guidelines for objection handling)
  • Ran a series of workshops to train sales staff via a three-step approach:
  • Trained the entire sales force on product specifics to increase product understanding
  • Trained the entire sales force with regard to negotiations by presenting the new benefit argumentation as well as sales process best practices and techniques to use during negotiations
  • Practiced the new line of argumentation in small groups using role plays, team presentations, quizzes, etc. to deepen product understanding and prepared for future negotiations by allowing sales people to learn from each other
  • Provided sales staff with a digital tool to be used for preparation and during negotiations, including price calculations, visualizations, and discount simulations


  • Improved negotiation capabilities of sales people at all levels of seniority
  • Better discount management by increasing awareness of profitability effects
  • Increased confidence in targeting new and existing customers to sell credit lines


  • Profit increased as a result of the new price point and customers shifting business to the bank (>20% for credit lines)
  • Regulatory costs decreased by reducing unwanted credit lines
  • Cost savings from more efficient preparation and an improved negotiation process using the digital tool

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