Digitalization in the media industry

By Lisa Jaeger and Annette Ehrhardt

Publishers: Remove the blindfold and take a good look at your digital readers!

After two decades battling with online conten...

Digitalization in the machinery sector

By Adam Echter and Annette Ehrhardt

Equipment and Machinery: The Internet of Things and 3D represent a one-two punch combination knocking out established busines...

Digitalization in the industrial sector

By Thomas Beducker , Grigori Bokeria and Matthias Frahm

Industrials: The Internet of Things (IoT) is far more than just smart factories. It also causes disruptions on the commercial...

Digitalization in the energy sector

By Dr. Thomas Haller and Annette Ehrhardt

Energy: Digitalization disrupts all elements of the value chain
Digitalization affects the energy sector at all steps of the...

Digitalization in the retail sector

By Tim Brzoska and Annette Ehrhardt

Omni-channel and big data drive digitalization in the retail industry

The retail sector has been grappling with the internet...

Digitalization in the insurance industry

By Dr. Dirk Schmidt-Gallas , Stefanie Grunert and Annette Ehrhardt

Wanted: Holistic omni-channel strategy

Insurance companies are busily working on digitalization initiatives, building their...

Digitalization in the logistics sector

By Annette Ehrhardt and Sven Wengler

Digital pricing and improved offer designs unleash significant revenue potential

The world of logistics is slowly moving tow...